Systems engineering

The system engineering of switchgear systems involves the development, design and management of electrical systems, taking into account their complexity, functionality and reliability.

Requirements analysis: The process begins with clarifying the requirements for the switchgear systems. These may include specific performance requirements, environmental conditions, safety regulations and other technical and operational aspects.

System architecture: The architecture of the switchgear systems is developed based on the requirements. This includes defining the structure, components and interfaces of the system to ensure that it can provide the required functionality.

Design and integration: The individual components of the switchgear systems are designed and integrated to form the overall system. This can include the selection of switchgear, cabling, control systems and other elements.

Risk management: Risks associated with the switchgear systems are identified, assessed and appropriate measures are taken to minimise or control them. This can include analysing potential causes of failure, security risks and other hazards.