Retrofitting involves upgrading existing switchgear systems with technically modern components to improve technology, safety and cost-effectiveness.

For existing systems, a retrofit may make more sense than replacing them with a new building. Your switchgear systems can be brought up to date by replacing obsolete or no longer functional components or by adding technologically new and up-to-date components. Their advantage lies in the modernisation of the system and the associated increase in productivity at significantly lower costs compared to a new purchase. The proven basic substance is retained. Further advantages are the reduced training requirements for your specialised personnel, as the basic system is already known, as well as considerable time savings compared to a complete new build.

We offer you solutions for retrofitting and upgrading after thoroughly examining and analysing the existing system.

We offer the following retrofit solutions:

  • Retrofitting active arc fault protection
  • Replacement of obsolete circuit-breakers – ACB and MCCB design, also as a plug and play solution
  • Conversion of air circuit breakers from fixed installation to withdrawable technology