Power generation plants

For the safe switching and control of power generation systems, especially in power plants, there are often requirements for switchgear systems that significantly exceed the requirements of the relevant standards. Our systems have been ensuring safe operation in a large number of power stations and energy generation plants for years.

Protection against short circuits and overloads:
Switchgear systems in power generation plants must contain robust protective devices that can detect short circuits and overloads and react accordingly.

Earthing systems:
An effective earthing system is essential to neutralise potentially dangerous voltages and ensure the safety of the system and operators.

Automation and remote control:
Our switchgear systems are often equipped with automated control systems that make it possible to monitor and control the operation of the systems remotely. This not only improves efficiency, but also safety.


The design and installation of switchgear systems for power generation plants requires expertise in electrical engineering, automation technology and safety technology. The planning and implementation of such systems should only be carried out by qualified engineers and technicians in order to ensure the reliability and safety of the system.