Oil & Gas industry

Power distribution systems in the oil and gas industry are critical to the safe and efficient operation of production plants, refineries, pipelines and other facilities involved in the exploration, production, processing and distribution of oil and gas.
KÖHL switchgears fulfil special requirements to meet the high energy demand and the specific environmental conditions of this industry.

Ex-protection (explosion protection):
Explosive atmospheres often prevail in the oil and gas industry, especially in production plants and refineries. Therefore, the power distribution systems must be designed in accordance with the applicable explosion protection regulations (e.g. ATEX directives) in order to minimise the risk of sparks or hot surfaces that could trigger an explosion.

Robust construction and environmental requirements:
The energy distribution systems must be protected against adverse environmental conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, dust and vibrations, which are common in the oil and gas industry. The systems should therefore be robustly built and appropriately encapsulated.

Emergency power supply and redundancy:
Due to the critical nature of the oil and gas infrastructure, KÖHL energy distribution systems have backup systems and redundant components as specified by the customer to prevent outages and ensure a continuous power supply, even in the event of network disruptions.

Compliance with standards and regulations:
The energy distribution systems must comply with the specific standards and regulations of the oil and gas industry as well as the general electrical safety standards to ensure the safety of employees and systems.