Power distribution to the point.
Modular – Safe – Intelligent!

Flexible solutions for power and motor distribution systems

ModuVar offers flexible solutions for all low-voltage requirements up to 6,300A. This flexibility is based on customisable functional units in a wide range of dimensions and configurations, which impressively demonstrate their performance under the stringent requirements of IEC 61439-2 on the basis of corresponding design verifications.

Three main arguments describe the recipe for success of this evolutionary stage of the system, which has been successfully established on the market for many years: modularity, safety and intelligence.


A variety of panel types and design factors ensure that our customers’ requirements can be implemented individually and effectively. Thanks to the flexible design with different busbar positions, cable connection options from different directions or the tested connection of a busbar system, it is possible to respond precisely to the environment on site.

However, the greatest advantage of the system is the combined variance in the selection of electrical devices: the system is tested with different components and busbar trunking systems from established manufacturers.


Sophisticated design measures prioritise passive system protection in terms of availability and personal safety in order to protect the user from the effects of an arcing fault. Passing the tests under arc fault conditions in accordance with IEC/TR 61641 is confirmed by a certificate.

In addition, KÖHL offers two acknowledged technologies to further increase the safety of users and materials, in the form of an active arc fault protection system and/ or a completely base-free design.


Today, complex communication networks are just as much a standard feature of modern switchgear systems as permanent condition monitoring to evaluate an intelligent inspection interval. Data and measured values are automatically collected and analysed based on a wide variety of protocols and made available to the user for further use, for example in the higher-level energy management or DCS systems.