High-safety low-voltage switchgear for the highest requirements far above the standard.

The name ModuCon has always been synonymous with the world’s highest standards in terms of personal safety and system availability. KÖHL has succeeded in transferring the high standard of medium-voltage switchgear to low-voltage switchgear through elaborate design measures and the use of the highest quality materials. The result is an uncompromising concept with test results that far exceed the familiar IEC/DIN 61439-2 and IEC/TR 61641 standards.

Developed for primary use as a power distributor and motor control centre, the system offers various designs and functional units of different dimensions and configurations, all of which follow the same guiding principle:


Thanks to ongoing development and innovative engineering, we have succeeded in perfecting the principle of passive arc fault protection for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.


Premium class energy distribution!

  • ModuCon has exceeded the highest testing requirements from the customer and the IEC/DIN 61439-2 and IEC/TR 61641 standards.
  • In the highest safety version, ModuCon limits the effects of the arc fault to the compartment in which it occurs. This ensures maximum personal protection.
  • By routing the arc fault via special pressure relief ducts (with automatically closing pressure relief flaps), ModuCon prevents the arc fault from affecting or spilling over into neighbouring functional spaces.
  • ModuCon features slide-in technology with a two-way contact system and special ModuKey key. Accidents caused by human error during the draw- out units process are ruled out. The draw- out units are interchangeable.
  • ModuCon offers flexibly equippable functional units and is designed for internal partitioning in the standard up to Form 4b.
  • Thanks to its modular design, ModuCon enables customised assembly. The individual cubicles are available in ratings IP31-IP41 and can be combined as required.
  • ModuCon can be extended to the right and left at any time. It goes without saying that individual cubicles can be replaced without great effort.
  • ModuCon impresses with its absolute operating and operational reliability. Inspection work and cleaning can be carried out easily.
  • Thanks to its innovative user guidance, ModuCon prevents accidents and malfunctions caused by operating errors.