Our switchgear systems play a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of machines, systems and other electrical devices in industrial environments.

Power distribution and load management:
Our systems distribute electrical energy from the main power source (e.g. the grid or a generator) to various consumers within the system. They enable loads to be managed and the power supply to be customised to the needs of the system.

Protection and security:
An important task of switchgear systems in industry is to protect against electrical hazards such as short circuits, overloads and earth faults. The main focus here is on personal protection, but also on system availability.

Flexibility and expandability:
Industrial switchgear systems often need to be flexible to allow for changes in system configuration or production requirements. Our systems offer maximum flexibility and can even be converted or extended during operation under certain conditions.

The design, installation and maintenance of switchgear systems for industry require in-depth expertise in electrical engineering, automation technology and industrial engineering. The KÖHL team of qualified engineers and technicians is the right contact for planning and realising your switchgear systems.