Data centres

Power distribution systems for data centres are crucial for the provision, monitoring and control of the electrical energy required for the operation of IT infrastructures. Data centres have specific power supply requirements, as they need to be highly available, energy-efficient and scalable in order to meet the constantly growing demand for computing power.

Redundancy and reliability:
Data centres require highly redundant power distribution systems in order to avoid failures. This includes the use of redundant power paths, emergency power generators (UPS) and automatic switching devices to maintain the power supply in the event of power failures.

Energy efficiency :
Modern power distribution systems for data centres are designed to be energy efficient and optimise power consumption. This can be achieved by using energy-efficient transformers, intelligent power distribution and efficient cooling technologies.

Monitoring and control:
The energy distribution systems are integrated with monitoring and control systems that continuously monitor energy consumption, power quality and the status of the power supply. Our systems enable proactive maintenance and rapid troubleshooting.

Scalability and flexibility:
All KÖHL switchgear systems are scalable in order to react with maximum flexibility to the growth of the data centre.