High-availability systems play a crucial role for many of our customers in the chemical industry, as they are used to control and protect electrical systems and equipment in production plants. These systems are often complex and require precise control and monitoring of sensitive processes to ensure safe and efficient production.

Our switchgear fulfils important functions in numerous projects.

Energy supply:
Distribution of electrical energy at various voltage levels to the different areas of the production facilities, machines and devices.

Protection of equipment and employees :
Thanks to their design and the use of intelligent protection systems, our switchgear systems protect operating and maintenance personnel from the dangers of high electrical energy. In addition, our systems increase availability and thus guarantee the production reliability of sensitive processes.

Process control:
Customised control systems for sensitive production processes. This can include the control of temperatures, pressures, flow rates and other parameters that are important for the production of and with chemicals.

Monitoring and diagnosis:
State-of-the-art monitoring systems that continuously monitor the condition of the electrical systems. This enables early warnings in the event of problems and facilitates the maintenance and diagnosis of faults.

Energy efficiency :
By using intelligent switchgear systems, energy efficiency measures can be implemented to optimise energy consumption and reduce costs.


When planning and installing switchgear systems in the chemical industry, special requirements must be taken into account, including:

  • Compliance with strict safety standards and regulations to minimise risks to employees and equipment.
  • The selection of materials and components that are resistant to corrosion and chemicals.
  • The consideration of explosion protection measures in environments in which flammable or explosive materials are processed.
  • The integration of automation and control technologies for seamless integration into production processes.